Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Made the Local News!!!

Yesterday I was interviewed by our Local Station!! It was so much fun and I was impressed by the professionalism of Kendra and the other staff members of KNOPTV!

See The News Story & Video Here!!
UPDATE: The video is now off the website, hopefully we will be able to get it so that we can upload it to this site! ;-)

Here is the text from the news story:
Crocheting Her Way Onto The Big Screen

By Kendra Potter.

One Nebraska mom is crocheting her way onto the big screen.

A woman from North Platte got the chance of the lifetime, crocheting blankets for major movie starring Brad Pitt.

Crocheting is a passion of Sherlyn Edwards.

"I crochet when I watch TV, I crochet when we are driving down the interstate, I crochet at the lake," Edwards says.

Edwards crochets everything from blankets, to booties, and scarves.

The North Platte mom says, "I am a custom boutique designer, and what that means is I design children's clothing and accessories for the internet, and my items are sold all over the world."

But one day her crocheting became more than just a hobby it became her ticket to Hollywood.

Edwards was asked to crochet blankets for an upcoming major film.

Edwards says, "Ray was sitting across from me and he was like what's going on, and I said I just got a call from Hollywood and they want me to make blankets for a movie. I didn't find out until later that the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and it's starring Brad Pitt. And who wouldn't take that on."

Edwards was contacted through her old website in 2006. For two years she has been working with the prop master creating different prototypes trying to work up the perfect blanket.

"We had to search all over the United States and the world to find the exact yarn that would look right under the lights and on camera. And so I did this test blanket, the director didn't like it, and we spent hours on it, so I had to redo it and do another design, " Edwards adds.

Because it's what they call a hero prop, she had to create six identical blankets.

Edwards adds, "They had to be absolutely identical, I couldn't have anything different, the stitches had to be identical, the size had to be identical, so that they could shoot it in several different scenes and the blanket wouldn't change."

Right now her blankets can be seen on movie trailers on the internet.

"In the trailer at the very beginning of the trailer there is a gentlemen carrying the baby and he is setting it on the stairs and the baby is wrapped up in this cream ivory type blanket, an older looking blanket and he sets the baby on the stairs, " Edwards says.

Edwards and the world will get to see her blankets on the big screen when the movie hits theatres Christmas Day.

"I never thought in a millions years this would happen, it was just the most amazing thing, and it really was a God thing. It was just an awesome experience. I hope I get to do it again," Edwards adds.

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