Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here's the Blanket!!

Here's a picture I took of the blanket before I sent it out to Hollywood!! I still am just so amazed that this happened and I was blessed to be part of something so cool!!!


Shay said...

THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! Makes me want a baby just to get a blanket made from ya. LOL!

I would like to get a hold of you maybe you could do something special for Braeley's 1st communion. Hmmm.. What do you think? email me shaywelling at yahoo dot com

Sheri said...

Thanks Shay!! Yeah the entire time I was making those blankets (all six of them) I was wanting another baby to put in one!! lol!! Only thing is they grow up!! I so couldn't handle another boy and I quite possibly could actually get that girl baby!! That would totally end my design business because I would be making stuff for her intead of all of you!!! haa!! haa!! I'll e-mail ya and see if we can come up with something extra special for her!!!

Kings Kids Boutique said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! your work is just awesome!!! What an awesome project girly!!!

Sheri said...

Thank you so much!!! ;-) Sheri